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Thursday, July 5th, 2018

wifi gsm signal jammer portable design

Profitably, a wifi jammer users can adjust output equipment, closed circuit, or selectively shielding precise mask, can operation for a long time, do not affect other communications, shielding all domestic mobile phone signal. Suitable for shielding inspection room, meeting room, factory workshop, court, interrogation room, church, etc. Suitable for shielding inspection room, meeting room, factory workshop, court, interrogation room, church, etc. Peeping detector effectively allows the user to adjust the output device, closed circuit, or selectively shielding accurate mask, can operation for a long time, do not affect other communications, shielding all domestic mobile phone signal. You can continue to work effectively at home and abroad.

In fact, all of the signal equipment, rain completely by the cooling system and big fan and casing configuration rain lightning module of high performance aluminum fin on the discrete output the number of the special design of intelligent design effectively seal the leaching effective cooling, all by the domestic mobile phone signal, GPS radio of platy high gain antenna described by the host system and dual polarization orientation, completely sealed separate output modular design, high performance aluminum fin and the number of large fan and chassis intelligent and efficient combination effectively shield, and the special sheet car charger charger built-in large capacity, domestic lithium battery, It also tracks the GPS satellite positioning signal of the duration of the operation of the fully charged standby machine, hides the convenient handheld device segment line, compact and lightweight shielding cooling for 2-4 hours.

gsm jammer need anti-fraud test center network formation, through the release of specific electromagnetic signals, all of the radio signal detection, the outside world, cheating tools test, safe, fair and orderly way to ensure that you can’t produce to the contact point. To meet the need for anti-misconduct testing, long and stable work can be started.
Product features
Valid check room (CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS all mobile phone mask transceivers, wireless contact headphones, 2.4g (WLAN/WIFI/bluetooth) and other unauthorized radio signals
Mobile jammer using special cabinet mould structure, the new aluminum alloy heat sink and cooling fan is composed of intelligent and efficient cooling system, to ensure that hot worked long boot device safe and reliable, stable performance, is not.
Built-in antenna, not directly connected, so as to take the switch to what antenna work integrated design of the power supply, installation and use of convenient management.
In the absence of interference from other electronic equipment, the wireless signal of the only tool outside the inspection room is shielded in the flotation consulting room.
High performance integrated circuits and chip components are selected in foreign countries, with high integration and reliable quality.
The slow start circuit design of radio wave suppressor prevents the ignition of mechanical switch.
Green, electric field intensity is far below national standard and does not affect human body.
The effective shielding range is 100-400 meters (200 meters for sending and receiving equipment);
Beautiful appearance, long – term power stable work.

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

powerful portable signal blocker phone jammer

It is necessary to remove the casing from the precast jammer. First remove the antenna, then connect a set of four screws at the top and bottom of the device. There are various shapes and sizes, including GPS blocking on the phone’s size. By interfering with this frequency, it effectively blocks the call signal.

It’s easy to carry around. Portable personal GPS jammer can be put into the palm or easily into the coat pocket. Smart phone electromagnetic coverage can be more accurate and effective, so you can focus on personal networks and specific areas.

Regardless of interference, repeated radio stations and disturbances, high availability has increased transmission power. In short radio signals, it is difficult to predict high reliability in some cases, and interference occasionally finds that one day it is not particularly effective. The receiver of the phone can’t understand which signal to receive. We’ve managed to stop cell phone signals, GPS interference. Preventing signal transmission from the network is valid.

Now, you use your mobile phone signal jammer, you don’t have to worry about the disadvantages of mobile games. This prevents mobile phones from receiving signals from mobile base stations.

The mobile signal circuit breaker is the first choice for children, and we are taking steps to limit it when children are on the phone. In addition to classrooms and exam halls, mobile phone radio deterrent devices are widely used in many other situations. In this test, the phone jammer is a long-term solution.

The use of other people’s smartphones is disturbing and distracting. The illegal use of the Internet seems to be a big problem. We will use a radio wave jammer. But the real problem is that most exams are based on traditional learning concepts. Testing will make everyone better, and fraud will become obsolete.

The reality is that smartphones exist. Wireless communication exists. You can go anywhere. Access to Internet cell phone jammer, they almost always try to solve problems that are very different from those they think they have solved. Smartphones and wireless devices are spreading and spreading fast. If there are social problems that seem to arise from these realities, the best solution is to block the phone.

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

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